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Most of our subscribers spend several hours in front of their computers, creating new material, editing other people's work or preparing content for publication. With this in mind, we, at Inscriptions, decided to offer you a monthly treat of new wallpaper, designed to inspire and motivate you.

This month's wallpaper was designed by Frank Fradella, editor of Cyber Age Adventures, specifically for Inscriptions.


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Other Freebies:


* "Slaying the Dragon: Stories of Triumph Over Panic and Anxiety Disorders"
If you (or anyone you know) has recovered from an anxiety disorder, Jenna Glatzer wants to hear about it. Stories should include a beginning, middle and end and describe what the anxiety disorder was like, how it affected your life, what methods you tried to get over it, how you got past it and what your life is like now. Glatzer also welcomes stories from caregivers, family and friends of people who've overcome any kind of anxiety disorder. No exact limits on length, but stories should be approximately 800 to 2,000 words. If your story is used, you will get a free copy of the book, and a space for a short bio.

* Tax Tips
Ready to do your taxes? If you're getting nervous about all those miscellaneous receipts jammed into your file cabinet, visit this site for useful tax tips. You might even make the April 15 deadline!

* Legal Aid
If you're looking for legal advice, this site, run by volunteer lawyers for the arts, presents some useful FAQs on copyrights, trademarks and various First Amendment issues. Ever been stiffed by a publisher? The section on arbitration and small claims court is particularly useful.

* Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is offering this classic novel in electronic format for free.

* Book Store Locator
Regardless of whether you're in the U.S. or abroad, this search engine will help you find a local book store to visit. Or, search for an online store and save the cost of gas by ordering on the Net and having your books delivered.

* A Writer's Guide to Understanding the Copyeditor by Terry McGarry
Struggling with your latest set of proofs? This handy guide will help you delve into the minds of the copy editors, and find ways to make their job easier.

* "Winning at the Game of Interviewing" by J.B. Morehead
Before you head out to that new dot-com or publishing company, browse through this free e-book for helpful interviewing tips.

* Del Rey Digital Writing Workshop
Science fiction and fantasy writers rejoice! Del Rey is offering a free online workshop to help get your work critiqued. Guest editors include Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey and Toni Anzetti.

* Online Workshop for Writers
Be one of the first to post to our brand new message boards and you could win a free online workshop from Coffeehouse for Writers. Just be certain you supply your e-mail address when you register. Our members can post on any number of specialized topics -- from new writer anxiety, to fiction writing, to crafting poetry.

* Journalism Career Guide from the Newspaper Association of America
To obtain a copy, e-mail your snail mail address.


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