Roses are red.
Violets aren't green.
I love my man
because he's so keen.


Yes, we're groaning too. Now it's up to you to truly make us ill by writing the world's worst love poem. Hokey is preferred. Lame, clichéd and saccharine will be enjoyed.

There is no fee to enter the Bad Poetry Contest. Entries must be written in English, however, the writer can live anywhere in the world. Paste your entry directly into the body of an e-mail and send to with the subject heading "Bad Poetry Contest." Include your real name, pen name (if applicable), mailing address and e-mail address at the BOTTOM of the entry. Enter as often as you like.

Entries without complete author information at the bottom of the e-mail, sent in other formats (including attached files), missing a title or with the incorrect subject heading will be disqualified. Each entry will be acknowledged, once received by the Inscriptions staff.



1st place -- $50 gift certificate from Amazon.Com (or cash equivalent), a box of Godiva chocolates and publication in Inscriptions.


We only ask for one-time electronic rights for the winning entries. Reprints are welcome. Deadline for all entries is Jan. 26, 2001. Winners will be announced in the Feb. 9th issue of Inscriptions

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