Which One Is He?: An Interview With James Clemens and James Rollins
By Peter Quinones and Carol E. Leever

Imagine hitting the New York Times Paperback Best Seller list with your first thriller. Or, entering a contest with your first, half-written fantasy novel and coming away with a contract for a three-volume series. James Czajkwoski did both of those things.

Fiction Craft: Sequel
By Robert Ferrier

A novel containing only scenes would leave the reader exhausted. Characters must have time to feel, think, plan and give the reader information. The answer: sequel.


Last Week's Articles
Promotion Begins at Home: Online Promotion Tips for Nonfiction E-Books
By Pamela White

While researching and writing your book, you determined your niche. You visualized your ideal reader, the one who would benefit most from your work. Use this to narrow your focus so your marketing arrows are not flinging impotently into the forest, but are aiming straight at the heart of your potential audience.

E-Payments: Making Money in 2001 and Beyond
By Lisa A. Crayton

Whether you consider e-payments a blessing or a curse, they are becoming more commonplace, especially with online markets. Thus, writers keeping an eye on changes in the marketplace and how they impact getting paid in 2001 and beyond may want to focus on electronic payments.


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