Destined for Change

By Jade Walker


As the cold, dead winter gives way to spring, thoughts of rejuvenation are bound to blossom. Mother Nature is giving you a sign: Now is the time for retrospection and dreaming of the future.

Witches and pagans believe a woman's life is split into three parts. Childhood to early adulthood is the Maiden time. This is when we grow into the people we want to be. Despite its name, the Mother time doesn't always come with children. Women who reach this stage are usually of a childbearing age, but this time also symbolizes the years when adulthood sets in, and a woman's power and strength arrives. The Crone stage does indicate the latter years of life, but with age comes wisdom.

Certain Native American tribes, particularly those in the American southwest, believed a woman's life can be split up into seasons -- Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter -- bearing similar connotations.

The ancient Greeks believed in the power of the Fates -- three immortal women (often shown as the Maiden, Mother and Crone) who create each person's life path. Clotho weaves the string that becomes a life. Lachesis measures the length of the life, often adding complex knots or situations. Atropos cuts the thread to show when a life ends.

Regardless of what system you follow, eventually, each person needs to find their own sense of self. Sure, the glorious highs and terrible lows help to define us. So do the people we encounter and the places we live.

However, I believe that Fate has a distinct plan for each life, yet it is the choices we make along the way that bring us wisdom and personal power.

Are you struggling to gain a sense of worth? Have you found happiness in your life? If not, allow me to make a few suggestions.

1. Give yourself a deadline. Something reasonable. Tell yourself that you will decide your own fate, and reconcile to meet that date.

2. Start dreaming. What do you want out of life? If you knew you were going to die in less than a year, what would you do differently?

3. Cast off the things in your life that don't fall in line with what you want. If that means moving, then do so. A new job, then get one. Are people in your life dragging you down? Either refuse to allow them to influence you, or remove the baggage.

4. To help make the transition easier, find someone who understands you. Great choices include a close family member, a best friend or a significant other. Finding yourself is no easy task -- some people never do it -- but if you have someone to support your efforts, the change will be easier to handle.

5. Finally, make a genuine effort to reach your goals.

Despite our unconscious belief in immortality, life is short. Your job is to create a life that is worth living. Once you have a dream, a deadline and a support system in place, the rest is up to you. Choose your own destiny.