Troubling Speech

By Jade Walker


No one ever said supporting free speech was easy.

It's downright painful to hear someone attack that which you hold most dear (including the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness), but in America, even morons can voice their opinions.

The people of New Hampshire were duped by a man who describes himself as a "disgruntled ex-postal worker." Several steps in the system were skipped and as a result, the voters of this state elected a man who one police chief called "a hate-mongering lunatic."

Republican Tom Alciere tried to win a seat on the New Hampshire state legislature three times. On the fourth attempt, he ran a quiet campaign and received enough votes to win.

But this man's very existence in public office shows how the system fumbled. The media failed the public by not checking into Alciere's background. And the voters of New Hampshire didn't bother to check for themselves. Instead, they took what was offered (nothing) and voted for Alciere.

Only after he was elected did the media watchdogs do their jobs. With one casual search on the Internet, reporters for the Valley News in Lebanon, N.H. learned the truth -- Alciere was quite fond of expressing his opinions, both online and in print.

What kind of opinions does he have?

* Alciere supports the killing of police officers. "It's unfortunate that cops do make it necessary (to kill them) when they're waging a war on drugs, and I view cops as enemy officers.'' He also wrote, "Nobody will ever be safe until the last cop is dead.''

* Alciere blames the police for the murder of innocents. "I hope the drug dealers are sensible enough to understand that ithe [sic] snitches aren't the ones that deserve the most to die. Snitches didn't break down the door in the middle of the night, tearing the house apart, threatening to murder defenceless [sic] little children that they pull out of bed and hurl against the wall. Cops are the ones that deserve to die."

* He says citizens should abandon the public school system. "Since the private schools are far better than the gang-infested, bullet-riddled, government-run indoctrination centres, students enrol [sic] in the private schools."

* He thinks the post office should be abolished. "The government has no right under natural law to operate a letter delivery service, nor to hire gun-toting goons in bulletproof vests to prevent humans from operating private letter delivery services. Elimination of USPS would eliminate unfair government-imposed competition on legitimate businesses."

* Alciere says the people working for the Immigration and Naturalization Service should be killed. "The Federal Government of the United States of America has absolutely no right to restrict or determine who can enter the USA because the USA does not belong to the Federal Government of the United States of America. Exterminating all INS goons would prevent the Federal Government of the United States of America from hindering the movement and employment of persons."

* According to Alciere, drug dealers are innocent folks persecuted by the legal system. "Consider the thousands upon thousands of innocent drug dealers who languish in prison because of cops waging the politicians' War on Drugs. Consider all the other innocent people who were wrongly arrested, then the cops lied in court about them, and instead of the cops going to jail for perjury, the human goes to jail and bears a criminal record for life. Live cops lie in court under oath. Dead cops lie in caskets under dirt."

* All drugs, even cocaine, should be legal, he says. "The government has absolutely no right to restrict the sale of cocaine to somebody who wants to buy it ... That's my job as a parent."

* Everyone, even children, should be allowed to drink. "The government has absolutely no right to make thousands of innocent people second-class citizens, which the government chooses to do, purely out of malice. It's easy for the politicians to pick on people under 21, but it's also unjust and unconstitutional."

* Alciere has a poor view of his constituents. He says he was elected by a "bunch of fat, stupid, ugly old ladies that watch soap operas, play bingo, read tabloids and don't know the metric system.''

* And strangely enough, Alciere believes that democracy doesn't work, so we should all turn to anarchy instead. "Democracy is 2 wolves and 1 lamb voting on what to have for dinner. To Hell with democracy. When the law is wrong, to Hell with the law."

What was everyone thinking when they elected this guy get into office? Sure, Americans have the right to express their opinions, but who in their right mind would vote for this psycho?

Ah well. He's in office now. Though it makes me ill to know he is wasting good air, I have to accept that.

Voltaire once proclaimed, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

While I think Alciere is a first class bigot with no place in public office, I will always defend his right to have such idiotic views. I also suggest that you, as citizens of the world, show Alciere the truth. Vent your own beliefs and opinions to the following people:

Tom Alciere
Write to Rep. Tom Alciere
Room 303
Legislative Office Building
Concord, N.H. 03301

New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen
Click on Contact the Governor

Gene Chandler/Speaker of the House in N.H.

Gary Francoeur/House Majority Leader in N.H.


(Note added Jan 11, 2001: To all of you who read and commented on this column, I want to offer my sincere thanks. It seems the power of the pen is mighty after all, as is the power of citizens to rise up and decide who they place into office. According to CNN, Tom Alciere, the new state rep for New Hampshire, resigned on Wednesday. --jade)